Do you know that the average person spends almost 230,000 hours of their life sleeping? That’s a lot of time! So, you want to make sure you have a comfortable mattress.

If you have a limited budget you still can get a soft and supportive mattress with memory or gel foam. To find the best mattresses under $500 we examined 40 products and selected only 10 with Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress at the top. First, we considered the type of mattress as some people prefer memory foam while others want a more traditional innerspring mattress. Second, we looked at the size as you want a mattress that will fit your bed frame. And finally, we checked the firmness level as you want a mattress that is comfortable for you. We also included a cooling mattress in our selection for people who tend to sleep hot.

The Best Mattresses Under $500 List

  1. Editor’s Choice: Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress, “3 foam layers, 3.5-inch cool gel top layer, medium firm, 6 sizes, comes with 2 pillows
  2. Best Range of Thickness: Signature Sleep Memoir 12’’ Memory Foam Mattress, “Fully foam design, firm, 5 sizes and 4 thicknesses available, 1-year warranty
  3. Best Eco-Friendly Mattress: ZINUS 10 Inch Bliss Memory Foam Mattress, “Fully foam design, eco-friendly cooling cover, soft and firm, 4 sizes, and 10-year warranty
  4. Best for Back Sleepers: Tuft & Needle Mattress, “Unique adaptive foam with medium firmness ideal for most customers, 6 sizes, 100-day trial period plus 10-year warranty
  5. Best Hybrid: Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress, “Hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils, plush, 3 sizes, and 10-year warranty
  6. Best Range of Sizes: Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hybrid Innerspring Mattress, “Hybrid construction, hypoallergenic, firm, 5 available sizes, 10-year warranty
  7. Budget Pick: LINENSPA Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, “Very affordable hybrid mattress with spring base and foam top, plush, 6 sizes, and 10-year warranty
  8. Best Odorless: Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, “Gel-infused memory foam, firm, 5 available sizes, a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty
  9. Best Cooling Mattress: Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress, “Gel-infused memory foam with high-density foam base, firm, 7 sizes, 10-year warranty
  10. Best for Side Sleepers: Olee Sleep Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress, “Egg-crate foam base and gel foam top layer, plush, 5 sizes, 10-year warranty

Best memory foam mattress under $500 for side sleepers

Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with Pillow


  • Material: 14” thick with 8.5” support foam base, memory foam, and gel foam
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Available in 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Warranty: 25-year
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US certified

More features: comes with two memory foam pillows


  • Cooling Comfort with gel-infused memory foam.
  • Pressure Relief suitable for pain and scoliosis support.
  • Ventilated Foam for better air circulation.
  • Bonus Pillows with mattress purchase.
  • Health and Safety assured with fiberglass-free material.
  • Easy Setup straight out of the box.
  • Quality Design featuring a stretch knit cover.


  • Heavy and may require assistance to move.
  • Care Instructions specify hand washing only.
  • Firmness may not meet everyone’s preference.

The Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress is a premium sleep solution that combines comfort with innovative cooling technology. This twin-sized mattress is a standout with its substantial 14-inch profile, tailored to those who appreciate a plush sleeping surface, akin to a pillow top mattress. The mattress is designed with a 3.5-inch top layer of ventilated, cool gel memory foam that not only conforms to the body’s shape for a personalized sleep experience but also boasts a faster recovery factor than traditional memory foam.

For individuals with specific needs, such as people with scoliosis, the mattress offers a medium-firm feel that provides essential support without compromising on comfort. The high-density aerated cool gel memory foam works wonders in relieving pressure points, which is crucial for anyone requiring extra care for their spine alignment and overall comfort throughout the night.

The open cell design of the ventilated foam ensures greater circulation, effectively regulating body temperature and contributing to a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment. Additionally, the inclusion of free memory foam pillows with larger sizes is a thoughtful touch, adding value to the purchase.

Safety and health are also at the forefront of this mattress’s design. It is fiberglass free and meets CertiPUR-US program standards, ensuring that the mattress performs well, has low emissions, and is durable over time. The ease of setup is another benefit, as the mattress decompresses quickly once removed from its packaging.

Most comfortable king size mattress under $500

Signature Sleep 12″ Memory Foam Mattress


  • Material: high-density foam base topped with comfortable memory foam
  • Firmness: firm
  • Available in 5 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • 4 mattress thicknesses: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US


  • Extremely firm memory foam won’t leave you sinking into the mattress
  • Multiple thicknesses allow you to choose your support level
  • Comes in 5 sizes


  • Requires a box spring or other support
  • Only comes with a one-year limited warranty, difficult to return

The Signature Sleep Memoir is a great choice for those who prefer the comfort of memory foam to a traditional spring mattress, but don’t enjoy the feeling of sinking into the mattress that memory foam often causes. By using a higher-density foam layer than most competing mattresses, the Memoir provides a firm sleeping base that keeps your body afloat. However, that same firmness can result in pressure points for some sleepers, especially those who sleep on their sides.

The Memoir is available in four different mattress thicknesses, and it is important to consider how firm you prefer your mattress in choosing the thickness for you. Thinner mattresses have less memory foam, and so your body will be supported in greater proportion by the high-density foam beneath and the box spring or bed frame. The 12” mattress, the thickest offered, has 3.5” of memory foam on top, which provides much more support.

One interesting feature of this mattress is the way it is shipped. It comes compressed and rolled up in a single box, which is great for moving it throughout your house to where you need it. However, this also means that it can take three days or more for the mattress to fully inflate once you open the packaging – so plan to spend a few days waiting before you can try out the mattress.

Unfortunately, the mattress comes with only a one-year limited warranty. Returning the mattress is also difficult once it is inflated, since it is too large to ship easily.

Best cooling hybrid mattress under $500 for back pain

ZINUS 10 Inch Bliss Memory Foam Mattress


  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Material: memory foam + TENCEL blend cover
  • Firmness: soft, firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: the foams are infused with green tea, made in USA


  • Cooling Technology with gel-infused memory foam and Tencel cover
  • Sustainable Cover made from eco-friendly Tencel
  • Zoned Support with a patented 7-zone airflow system
  • Quality Assurance as it’s made in the USA with CertiPUR US certified foam
  • Easy Setup due to efficient compression packaging
  • Freshness maintained over time with green tea infusion
  • Warranty includes a 10-year limited warranty


  • Weight Limit with the twin size supporting only up to 250 lbs
  • Heat Potential as it may retain more heat than other mattress types
  • Expansion Time requiring up to 72 hours to fully expand

The ZINUS 10 Inch Bliss Memory Foam Mattress is a harmonious blend of comfort and cooling technology, designed to deliver a restorative sleep experience. Upon first impression, the mattress exudes a sense of luxury and thoughtfulness, with its eco-friendly Tencel cover that feels soft to the touch while providing moisture-wicking properties to keep sleepers dry and cool throughout the night.

As you sink into the mattress, the cooling gel-infused memory foam layer becomes apparent, offering a refreshing reprieve from the heat that memory foam is often known for. This is further enhanced by the patented 7-zone airflow system that ZINUS has cleverly integrated into the mattress design, ensuring that sleepers benefit from optimal temperature regulation and targeted pressure relief.

The commitment to sustainability is evident not only in the choice of a Tencel cover but also in the fact that the mattress is made in the USA, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. The use of CertiPUR US certified foam reassures that you’re sleeping on a surface free from harmful chemicals, aligning with the growing consumer demand for health-conscious home furnishings.

ZINUS takes pride in its state-of-the-art compression technology, which allows the Bliss Memory Foam Mattress to be delivered in a compact box. The unboxing process is straightforward, and watching the mattress expand to its full glory is a seamless experience, although it requires a bit of patience.

Infused with green tea, the mattress promises to maintain freshness over time, a subtle yet appreciated touch. The 10-year warranty underscores the brand’s confidence in their product, ensuring that this mattress is not just a purchase but an investment in quality sleep.

Affordable organic mattress under $500 for stomach sleepers

Tuft & Needle Mattress


  • Material: Proprietary Adaptive Foam
  • Firmness: medium
  • Certification: CertiPUR & Oeko-Tex 100 certified
  • Available in 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Warranty: 100-day trial period plus 10-year warranty

More features: fit all frames


  • Proprietary Adaptive Foam is extremely comfortable and cools better than traditional foam
  • Firm, but resilient and bouncy to provide float
  • Support foam eliminates need for box spring
  • Amazing customer support and warranty, easy to return if needed
  • Top-rated by customers, 90% rated 5 star


  • Only available online – must be tried in your home rather than at the store
  • Foam resiliency can cause pressure points for heavyset people

The Tuft & Needle Mattress is far and away the best mattress currently on the market for under $500 for several reasons. First, the proprietary Adaptive Foam that fills the top layer of the mattress is one of the best sleeping layers we’ve seen. Since it’s foam, you get the sensation of sinking into the mattress – but the firmness and resiliency of the foam actually keep your body floating on top so that your back doesn’t arch. Plus, the foam is infused with graphite, and the mattress cover is made of wicking nylon and polyester so that the mattress pulls heat away from your body as you sleep. That cooling process can keep you from overheating, which is a common cause of poor sleep for many people.

Another great feature of this mattress is that the support foam, which makes up the lower half of the mattress, can eliminate the need for a box spring or bed frame. The support foam is strong enough to keep you comfortable even if the mattress is set out on the floor.

The other thing we loved about Tuft & Needle was their customer support. Not only do they offer a 100-day trial period (after which very few people reported returning the mattress), but customers rave about the support they’ve received when talking to the company before purchasing the mattress or when a return is needed.

Best firm queen size mattress under $500 for heavy people

Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress


  • Material: individually wrapped coils in innerspring base, memory foam and gel foam layers
  • Firmness: plush
  • Available in 3 sizes: Full, King, Queen
  • Warranty: 10-year


  • Minimizes pressure points and motion transfer thanks to individually coiled springs
  • Gel foam layer provides effective ventilation without reducing firmness


  • High-density foam coupled with innerspring base may be too firm for some people
  • Not available in twin size

This mattress from Olee is a hybrid design, featuring an innerspring base with a series of high-density foam layers above. One of the things that set this mattress apart from competitors like the LinenSpa hybrid mattress is that the springs in the base are individually coiled rather than coiled in sets as for a traditional innerspring. This unique design allows the mattress to spread your weight more evenly across the coils and for individual coils to respond to increased pressure, for example from your shoulders and hips. The result is fewer pressure points. Another benefit of this design is that the mattress transfers almost no motion – perfect if you have a partner who frequently wakes up early and you don’t want to be disturbed.

Another welcome feature of this mattress is the thin gel foam layer just below the top of the mattress. This gel foam provides much needed ventilation, helping the mattress transfer heat away from your body so you stay cool throughout the night. Plus, since the gel foam layer is sandwiched in between two layers of high-density foam, this ventilation is accomplished without sacrificing the firmness of the mattress or causing your body to sink into the top layer.

Best pillow top mattress under $500 for couples

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hybrid Innerspring Mattress


  • Materials: gel memory foam, comfort support foam
  • Firmness: firm
  • Available in 5 sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Certification: CertiPur-US certified

Other features: hybrid construction, hypoallergenic, 13-gauge pocketed coils, 1.5″ high density super soft quilt foam


  • 10-year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in multiple bed sizes
  • Packs in a relatively small box
  • CertiPur-US certified


  • Needs a few days after receipt to expand and get rid of the factory smell
  • The firmness level may not be suitable for everybody

An affordable, high-quality mattress can be tricky to find. However, you can always find a gem like the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Mattress. The bed ships in a relatively small box after compression. Nevertheless, it does expand over time after unpacking.

Remember, this is a hybrid mattress that has multiple layers. Most of them are made of foam, while an extra one is made of 13-gauge coils. You can thus expect the benefits of both foam and coil mattresses in this purchase.

People who buy gel memory foam mattresses often buy them because they conform to the user’s body and offer excellent airflow. As such, buyers can expect these benefits as well from this product due to the inclusion of a gel memory foam layer. Nonetheless, don’t expect this bed to conform too much to your body since this layer is quite small.

Also, no matter the size of your bed, there is likely to be an option for you. After all, there are five size options to choose from that include twin, full, queen, king, and even California king beds. Noteworthy is that the price goes up for larger bed sizes. As such, the California king bed is the most expensive.

The foam layers also come with their downsides. The biggest one is that there is a factory smell to the mattress when it is new. It goes away after you aerate the mattress for a few days. This may make it impossible for some of you to sleep on the mattress for the first few days after receipt.

If allergens made it impossible to sleep with your previous mattress, then this one will solve your problems. It comes with a hypoallergenic cover that keeps anything that might have you sneezing and wheezing out of your mattress. You can, thus, rest easy every single night.

Additionally, for such a high-quality option, the 10-year warranty is to be expected. After all, it is the industry standard for some of the best mattresses available.

Most durable affordable mattress under $500

LINENSPA Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress


  • Material: hybrid combination of tempered steel coils, felt pad, foam comfort layer, and memory foam
  • Firmness: plush
  • Available in 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US certified


  • Hybrid design matches the best use of comfort foam with a traditional innerspring
  • Great for people who have issues with pressure points on other mattresses
  • Memory foam adds comfort and reduces motion transfer


  • Hybrid design changes how firm the mattress feels depending on your weight, making it hard to know before you buy
  • No trial period

LinenSpa’s Hybrid mattress harnesses the power of comfort foam and memory foam to transform a traditional spring mattress into something entirely new. The mattress includes a 1.5”-thick layer of comfort foam on top of an innerspring frame to add comfort and reduce the firmness of the mattress. The result is that the mattress is seemingly immune to creating pressure points, and many customers reported that it solved back pain that other mattresses couldn’t seem to shake. However, depending on your weight the mattress may feel either too firm for comfort or too soft so that your body is resting on the top of the springs.

To top off the mattress, LinenSpa added a thin layer of memory foam into the quilted mattress cover. While this foam isn’t adding any support on its own, it’s enough to give the mattress a gentle sinking feeling that many people appreciate. Plus, it helps to reduce the transfer of motion across the bed in case you have a partner who wakes up early.

Best budget-friendly mattress under $500 for hot sleepers

Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress


  • Materials: gel-infused memory foam, comfort foam, airflow high-density base support foam
  • Firmness: firm
  • Available in 5 sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Short Queen, King
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Certification: CertiPur-US certified

Other features: cooling foam, ActivCharcoal, poly Jacquard cover


  • 10-year warranty
  • CertiPur-US certified
  • The manufacturer offers a 100-night trial
  • Relatively affordable
  • Includes technology to eliminate odors


  • The mattress is not available in a California King size

The Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is as well a good option for the under $500 market. The size options are mentioned above. Some of you will have noticed that conspicuously missing from the list is the California King size option. As such, if you already have a California king size base, you may need to look elsewhere for a mattress.

Among the benefits is a 100-night trial. Consequently, sampling the item and returning it if it doesn’t meet your standards is allowed. Shipping in a box is as well normal for this kind of mattress. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t sleep on the mattress immediately it arrives. You have to wait a few days to allow the mattress to expand to its full size.

Additionally, all the layers of this bed are made of foam and may offer differing benefits. Some elements added to these layers are green tea and activCharcoal. The former is handy in getting rid of odors in your mattress.

Also, the activCharcoal element absorbs moisture while you sleep. By doing this, the mattress gets rid of some of the things that would cause it to smell. You thus have a fresh experience every time you get into bed.

Another element worth noting is the cooling foam. This, of course, is yet another aspect meant to enhance your sleeping experience.

Top rated innerspring mattress under $500 for back sleepers

Classic Brands Cool Gel Mattress


  • Material: gel-infused memory foam with a thick support base made of high-density foam
  • Firmness: firm
  • Available in 7 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Short Queen, King, California King
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US certified

More features: anti-microbial and hypoallergenic foam


  • Firm and comfortable with few pressure points
  • Gel-infused memory foam moves heat away from your body


  • Warranty is difficult to use if you do not also buy a Classic Brands box spring or bed frame

This mattress may initially look to be just a smaller cousin of the 14-inch mattress from Classic Brands, but removing the secondary layers of memory foam and comfort foam between the top layer and support base gives it an entirely different feel. The sinking sensation is removed, replaced by firm support against the high-density foam base. However, even without the additional foam layers, this mattress is still excellent at reducing pressure points and many side sleepers report that it feels great against their hips and shoulders.

This mattress is also a great choice for people who sleep on the warm side thanks to the gel-infused memory foam layer on top. This specialized foam is perforated for ventilation, allowing heat to quickly move away from your body.

The one downside to this mattress is the warranty. Although the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, some customers report difficulty in returning the mattress to Classic Brands if they did not mount the mattress on a Classic Brands box spring or bed frame.

Best pressure-relieving mattress under $500 for arthritis

Olee Sleep Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress


  • Material: gel foam top layer, egg-crate foam base
  • Firmness: plush
  • Available in 5 sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Warranty: 10-year

More features: eco-friendly gel materials


  • Egg-crate style foam base results in plush sleeping experience
  • Good ventilation thanks to top gel foam layer


  • Tends to sink after about one year of use

Things to Consider When Buy the Best Mattresses under $500

Now that we’ve covered our 10 favorite mattresses for under $500, let’s take a step back and look at the broader questions you need to ask before purchasing a new mattress.

Type of Mattress

One of the major things to think about is what type of mattress you’re interested in – foam or innerspring.

Memory foam is often considered to be a great option for people with back pain or who suffer from pressure points in their normal sleeping position, since the foam conforms to your body shape within a few minutes of lying down. Memory foam often causes a sinking sensation, which may be a turn-off for some people and also can result in overheating issues, since your body is effectively surrounded by the mattress. Gel foam layers, which are incorporated into some foam mattresses, offer better ventilation and can help prevent this overheating issue. Memory foam typically rebounds after you get out of bed, and most mattresses will retain their bounce for years of use, but some will lose their rebound over time.

Innerspring mattresses are the traditional design for mattresses, using metal spring coils in a variety of configurations to provide support. They tend to be firmer than foam mattresses, although for some people – especially heavy people and side sleepers – the coils can cause unwanted pressure points. An advantage to innerspring mattresses is that they are typically less expensive than foam mattresses.


Things to Consider When Buy the Best Mattresses under $500

One of the most asked questions about every mattress is how firm it is. For better or worse, this is a largely subjective measure that is difficult to translate from person to person. Heavyset people will generally find that mattresses are more firm than lighter people find them to be, since they are more likely to sink down to the dense base material.


Apart from mattress types, you also need to consider available mattress sizes. Six of them are the most common, and of course, it’s better when there is a full range of sizes available for the item you pick, so you can choose the one suitable for you. The smallest size is twin, which is approximately 39’’ wide by 74’’ long. It is suitable for one child or adult. If you are taller and sleep alone, you might prefer twin XL, which is 39’’ wide by 80’’ long, giving you more space. Larger mattress types are optimized for two sleepers, with available full bed (54’’ wide by 74’’ long), queen bed (60’’ wide by 80’’ long), king bed (76’’ wide by 80’’ long), and California king bed (72’’ wide by 84’’ long) dimensions.

Trial Phase and Warranty

Things to Consider When Buy the Best Mattresses under $500

One of the most important steps in the mattress buying process is to try out the mattress you’re interested in – no amount of reading reviews can substitute for actually lying on the mattress. If you’re buying online, however, trying before you buy can be difficult – which is where trial phases come in. Some, but not all, companies offer 30-day trials after which you can return the mattress with no questions asked. Look for these trials when buying online, and talk to the company beforehand about the process of returning the mattress.

Almost every mattress comes with some form of manufacturer’s warranty, but they differ widely in the number of years for which they apply and what kind of mattress issues they cover. Be sure to read the warranty before buying, and consider how long you are likely to use the mattress for and whether the warranty covers at least that duration.

Motion Transfer

Often a minor concern, how significantly a mattress dampens vibration can be a consideration when trying to decide between two candidate mattresses. It can also be important if you have a partner who frequently shifts during the night or wakes up early – both of which can wake you up if the bed shakes beneath you. Foam mattresses tend to be better at dampening motion than innerspring mattresses, but testing specific mattresses is the best way to determine the degree of motion dampening.

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